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How to Think like a Machinist

Thinking like a machinist is what works best for people who are looking to get into working on machines. You tend to think like a machinist when you tend to learn how to use machines instead of just jumping into it and just going with the flow. The go with the flow learners are more hobbyists instead of professionals who know how to work well with machinery. Thinking like a machinist means you function as well as the machine does and really understand it.

Key Takeaways:

  • There’s a series on Youtube called Joe Pie Thinks Like A Machinist. In this series Joe talks about not just the how’s but also why machinists make the decisions they do.
  • You want to approach machining like it’s a science. The results of your effort end making your machining work more accurate every time.
  • Joe talks about how Trigonometry is important for machining and you can learn to use a machinist calculator to your advantage.

“Another basic insight I picked up a long time ago is that the best way to make something accurate, convenient, and idiot-proof is to use a stop.”

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