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IH Mill VFD & CNC Spindle and Coolant Control

The spindle is controlled by a 0-10V DC signal that manages the speed and its on/off and forward/reverse controls. There are a number of controls for the front panel. For VFD mounting, a box is used to mount it either on the mill or behind it on the wall. The control board unit may leak some charge so setting the VFD to parameter A013 to say 1volt and set parameter AO15 to 0Hz to deal with it.

Key Takeaways:

  • The PMDX-106 Spindle Control Interface costs around $100, but there are other options in the $30 range.
  • I will mount the VFD on the mill or the wall behind the mill rather than high on the mill head, as is usual.
  • My Hitachi L200-015NFU VFD works for two HP motors and delivers full torque over a 1:10 speed range.

“Lots of ways to skin this cat, but my favorite is the PMDX-106, because it has front panel overrides for spindle on/off, direction, and speed.”

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