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Improve Production with 5-Axis Machines Built for Composites

The implementation of 5 axis machines that are built for composites will help any type of manufacturing improve their production. The Q series is great for processing any type of part, mold, or plugs that are medium sized. The ES series is great if you are using a machine that has medium sized parts and the particular job you’re working on requires precision and accuracy. Finally, the CH series is great for large format parts and is best for jobs that require high precision.

Key Takeaways:

  • The company’s EG-Series is a heavy-duty large-format CNC Router that has the ability to handle a lot of projects that manufacturers have.
  • C.R. Onsrud’s fully enclosed CNC Machine is for manufacturers who are interested in more medium sized things such as plugs or parts.
  • There is also machines with high precision suitable for medium and large sized parts such as the ES-series and CH-series respectively.

“Watch this clip to learn what production improvements a 5-axis CNC machine can add to your business and which model below might best fit your composite processing needs.”

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