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Increase Productivity with a Five-in-One Machine

Precision Surfacing Solutions has a money-saving and time-saving multipurpose machine, the new Elb-Shiff millGrind BL10. The machine performs a wide variety of applications, and will greatly reduce retrofit and changing times. The indexing head has very high speeds, and is designed for deep grinding. The BL10’s tool-changing mechanism holds up to 60 tools. The onboard software can measure the clamped and unclamped products during the process. With specifically designed and custom programming, it’s highly unlikely a user will make an error.

Key Takeaways:

  • Large pieces of machinery that have multiple functions help reduce the cost of doing business
  • Integrated and intuitive built-in measuring techniques allow for humans to fix errors the machine may potentially make
  • Due to sensory chip placement in this machine, any errors made can be easily traced back to the root and fixed with minimal disruption to the business or loss of manufacturing materials

“The tool changer enables the simultaneous change of dressing roller and grinding wheel, reducing set-up time. The magazine holds up to 60 tools, including grinding wheels, dressing rolls, measuring probes, and milling and drilling tools.”

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