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Integrating automotive traceability into stamping with laser marking

The requirement for the ability to trace each part individually is slowly becoming a standard for automobile manufacturers. This ensures better control of the quality of incoming parts and isolation of suspect batches. For machine shops, this poses a challenge, regardless of the manufacturing method and processes used to produce components. The solution can be costly and it often requires, at minimum, significant upgrades to existing machines and equipment. However, once implemented, management is assured that part is traceable from the point of material use to the point of part installation.

Key Takeaways:

  • For traceability to work efficiently, the stamping process needs to be fast and withstand harsh environments and coatings.
  • While many stampers use a batch number, it is preferable to uniquely mark every part, as laser marking does.
  • However, laser marking takes a little longer and doesn’t etch as deep.

“Metal stamping manufacturers are predominant suppliers to the automotive industry for good reasons.”

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