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Is your shop’s laser cutting machine running as it should?

Although machines that cut using lasers easily top a million dollars, the payoff is usually quick as the amount of scrap is significantly reduced and quality of parts significantly improved. However, the full range of benefits requires proper installation and application. In most cases where users claim that machine does perform optimally, the root cause lies in improper application and cutting the corners on setup and maintenance. Performance of the laser beam needs to be done periodically, and skipping this step can lead to issues.

Key Takeaways:

  • Co2 old-school laser technology needed a hands on approach regularly. What many fail to see is that the new technology also needs some hands on TLC too.
  • You may not need to measure new fiber lasers as was once the norm, but beam checks are still requisite.
  • Today, burning paper or acrylic is no longer the best test. Power pucks have emerged as a standard.

“Some fabricators even argue that checking beam quality increases downtime on the machine. Christian Dini, global business development director, Ophir Photonics, said that reminded him of an old joke that is often shared in manufacturing management classes.”

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