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Just-in-Time Manufacturing Needs Better Data

Technology is having a major influence on the manufacturing industry as it is helping adjust the just in time inventory management processes. These adjustments are leading to much shorter lead times, more optimized ordering and better control costs. when it comes to parts and data a company needs to know their complete parts catalog, where the parts are stored and where they are ordered from. Companies have the ability to now optimize spare parts in many different ways to make sure manufacturers have the right parts.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is essential that companies know the complete part catalog as well as where the parts are ordered from.
  • Automation allows companies to use data in a much more intelligent and efficient way compared to traditional methods.
  • Companies are able to optimize inventory to make sure that manufacturers have the right parts at the right cost.

“Issues often originate beyond direct influence, so we constantly adapt our processes to better manage operations in response.”

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