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Keep Your Spindles Cutting

CNC machines definitely increase productivity and make more progress than not having one at all. Even the most basic of CNC machines is useful in an environment like this. Every shop has a unique way in which they run so it really varies in the amount of time that it takes to get things done. Even with just one cell this will be helpful with productivity even though a lot of centers have multiple cells in their facility.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you are using a CNC machine then you are already on your way to be able to have automation.
  • A CNC machine center is a lot more capable than it was ten years ago, and it’s cheaper today as well.
  • Using a cell has a lot of flexibility and it is a necessary part of production

“Today’s flexible manufacturing cells are designed as an extension of the horizontal CNC machining center with operational software that complements a CNC operator’s skills.”

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