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Lean manufacturing’s role in business development

Lean manufacturing increases your operations’ profitability by cutting the cost. This simplified view is often sufficient for shop floor supervisors, but lean techniques provide much more than just a bottom line adder and are an asset that can be marketed. By streamlining your processes, you are able to better serve your customers, cut down on lead times and focus on strategically targeted accounts. After you eliminate all steps that add no value to you or the customer, your business will be left will value added steps that you can offer at competitive pricing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lean thinking makes your business strategy possible. The strategy includes how you approach customers and prospects, those targeted companies for which you’re putting on your full-court marketing.
  • A tour of a lean shop can be a powerful marketing tool, and it’s an adaptable one too. Visits can be real or virtual.
  • You still could be leaving opportunity on the table if you do not treat your lean environment as a marketable asset that helps your company develop new business.

“All this challenges the traditional managerial reporting relationships. As the operations get simplified and the employees get tuned in to operating in a lean way, you can push day-to-day decision-making deeper into the organization.”

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