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Logs to Lumber | Popular Woodworking Magazine

When customers visit a Log Shop, they are usually looking for Cherry and Walnut. You might be asking “Where do you find these?” Most times, it will be found through local suppliers in your area. The next step is to find the one with the best quality and cost. Another part other than the source of the logs is, if they are even suitable for what I need them for. Last but not least, the logs must be good for cutting.

Key Takeaways:

  • When making fine pieces of furniture that demand only the best in board quality it is best to source one’s own logs as opposed to buying retail wood.
  • Logs for finished boards can be sourced from a local timber supplier and air-dried with or without a kiln at one’s leisure.
  • There are many considerations when obtaining boards from logs including selecting a quality log, sawing the log, and properly drying the boards.

“Some dealers do air dry their wood, or use dehumidification kilns, but most lumber is quickly processed through standard kilns.”

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