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Machining 101: What Are Coordinate Measuring Machines?

A coordinate measuring machine is a tool that consists of a few different parts such as a motion system, a probing system, a computer and measurement software. CMMs usually use glass or another type of reflective material as their scale to measure each axis within a machine’s movement range. The finer the marks are on a scale, the finer the resolution of the reading will be. There are many different probes that you can use with a CMM such as a touch trigger probe or an analogue probe.

Key Takeaways:

  • Coordinate Measuring Machines use glass or another reflective scale to measure the position of each axis.
  • The finer the marks on a scale the finer the resolution the reading of the coordinates will be.
  • Probes for a coordinate measuring machine can use different mechanisms to trigger such as trigger probes and analogue proves.

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