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Machining and Fabrication Teams are Different—Here Is How to Manage Them

Managers running shops that do both fabrication and machining know that teams in each area are different as is their work. This presents a challenge to team leaders and managers, because ultimately, they need to achieve maximum efficiency between these two groups. Having gone through ISO certification helped achieve certain consistency in documentation and standard procedures. However, leaders still find out that certain parts of manufacturing processes needed to be adjusted for individual stages in production. Identifying these steps is a matter of continuous improvement.

Key Takeaways:

  • New business is what people want, but there were no people who expected a certification.
  • CNC machining is important and that is why the manager was brought on, to explain that.
  • Before coming to the company, he spent a lot of his time on CNC machinging and valued their importance.

“New business is what any active company generally wants, of course. He hopes and expects the ISO certification to help in this.”

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