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Make a Honing Guide Angle Setting Jig

Sharpening using a honing guide can be done more efficiently using an indexing jig. Indexing jigs allow wood workers to sharpen their saw blades and establish a consistent sharpening angle every time the tool is set. Companies like Veritas and Lie Nielsen have produced some of the best honing guides, but it may be best to build the indexing kit at home. All that’s required is a few blocks of wood, digital level, square, pencil, and just follow a few steps to a homemade indexing jig.

Key Takeaways:

  • A jig can be made form a rectangular block of wood cut into four steps of varying depths.
  • Use a square digital level to index the honing angles and determine how deep to mill each step.
  • A bandsaw, table saw or even hand tools can be used to mill the steps.

“If you like to rely on a honing guide during sharpening, you will benefit from using an angle setting (or indexing) jig. An indexing jig will allow you to accurately set the right amount of blade protrusion in the guide to ensure that the sharpening angle is repeated each time you mount the tool into it.”

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