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Make a Honing Guide Angle Setting Jig

The indexing jig will only work well with the honing guide that was created proprietorially by popular honing guides. They work well together and will ensure an even angle each and every time. This is a great and practical addition to the sharpening guides that are often used in tandem with both the angle setter and the indexing guide. You will want to calibrate the level first, you can do this by finding a flat surface and setting it to zero.

Key Takeaways:

  • An indexing jig can be vital in helping you get a more accurate level of blade protrusion in the guide.
  • Veritas has a great angle setting jig, but it must be used with their honing guide.
  • If you use the Eclipse style guides, it is possible to build two jigs for both clamping choices.

“The best tool for indexing the protrusion/angle number is a square digital level.”

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