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Making 30 wooden racecars

A man whose daughter loved the movie Cars decided to make 30 of them as favors for her fourth birthday party. As a part of his mass production technique, he cut each side out separately, and then glued the two sides together. Carving the pockets required two steps – the first one was to cut out the wheel wells and windows, and the second one was necessary for the inlays and the holes for the axels.

Key Takeaways:

  • When making the cars for a birthday party, the left and right sides were made at different times, and then they were glued together.
  • In order to create the pockets, it needed two passes with the router.
  • Putting the wheels onto the cars would be the last step in the process.

“Also, the left sides were the only sides with inlays, so that allowed me to do a bunch of inlays in parallel, which is a big time saver.”

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