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Making Parts on a Swiss/Laser Machine

CNC servomotors have been replacing mechanical cams with a new swiss-type machine tool configuration. With this new configuration the machine is able to create laser welds that do not need grinding or buffing. Now using Esprit CAM as the software to program parts of the machine, workers do not have to do a certain step that would be dangerous. Not only can the laser do welds, it is now possible to have small, but accurate holes if needed. Many people will now be asking, is Economy Spring a new technology pioneer?

Key Takeaways:

  • A new trend developing is the use of the Swiss-type machine tool configuration with various CNC applications.
  • Shops taking these steps are seeing much higher production rates and are able to produce many more types of work.
  • Esprit CAM software is used to program machines rather than having humans do the work that may be dangerous.

“Springs, wire forms, and stampings of many sizes and shapes come off the shop floor’s banks of four-square machines and other wire processing technology.”

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