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Making Strides To Maximize Worker Efficiency

Global market requires continuous improvement in order for company to succeed and survive long term. These improvements are limited not only to updating machines and equipment, but also improving processes with the goal of increased worker efficiency. Lean manufacturing principles allow machine shops to review current practices and identify areas of improvement. One of the pillars of these initiatives are better onboarding process and continuous training of employees. This allows the shop greater flexibility and versatility of its workforce.

Key Takeaways:

  • A shop that’s been making chips since 1966 has the manufacturing mindset necessary to succeed in the current global market.
  • While touring the shop with Dominick Saratore, C&S vice president, it became evident that these practices work hand-in-hand in pursuit of one overarching goal.
  • Although C&S hasn’t formally composed the mantras fleshed out on the following pages, the company takes them to heart so it can maximize its shopfloor workers’ efficiency.

“Workplace organization is typically the first step shops take when they embark upon their lean manufacturing journeys.”

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