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Making virtual the reality – Aerospace Manufacturing

MSM Aerospace Manufacturing is taking an 80 year-old factory and re-designing it for the future. MSM is using virtual reality to design the new upgraded factory. MSM has mapped out the current path of where the manufactured pieces of equipment travel around the factory. Some of the pieces travel over two miles in the factory. They want to re-design that and optimize the manufacturing path of the part. MSM has a twin virtual reality copy of their factory and they can test how things will work before actually changing the product flow. The idea is to create the most efficient flow of the part being manufactured.

Key Takeaways:

  • Aerospace manufacturing is going through a breakthrough of new technology to help unleash higher capacity of airplane production in the future.
  • New jobs are going to be created and growth rate is expected to increase 20% a year.
  • Since outcomes will be simulated, feedback will be given to the manufacturer and they will be able to make adjustments if needed to better the safety of their products.

“This allows the business to model product flow through its manufacturing processes in order to establish the most efficient layout without costly mistakes or delaying production.”

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