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Manufacturers and the 5G evolution – The Manufacturer

The fourth industrial revolution is the common term for giant upswing in manufactural thrust that is expected with the culmination of IoT fulfillment. Iot, or the internet of things, refers to the connection of every sort of device and item possible to the internet, an event which like a sort of technological Armageddon {but positive and not negative} marks the fulfillment of a next level of technological evolution. This phase of evolution will, according to pundits, be made possible by the emergence of 5G and its own evolution. With 5G working at the deepest level of the industrial revolution, will transform the UK’s economy in many important areas. For all this to happen 5G must be adopted quickly and in a highly scalable manner. With 5G in place many things will happen. Delivery times will speed up. Other key technologies, such as augmented reality, will receive bolstering support. Investment opportunities will open up. Possibilities for greater and more cutting edge technological projects will open up. All of this opportunity is on the horizon and can be made possible if various industry sectors work in harness and seek to grab the brass ring when it appears.

Key Takeaways:

  • What is often referred to as the fourth industrial revolution, in which digital connectivity increases exponentially, should greatly improve the consumer experience.
  • For example, delivery times will get faster, as technology improves all aspects of management and cost, including those related to supply chains.
  • These hoped for opportunities come at a time when business is hungry for hope. Covid took a bite out of the UK economy and the world is working against the clock to reaching net zero.

“In addition it will boost the uptake of other emerging, transformative digital technologies, such as IoT and artificial intelligence, with the potential to contribute up to £14.8bn 5G-enabled revenue potential for the UK.”

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