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Manufacturers increase perks to get new hires to move – Lincoln Journal Star

There is a record low in unemployment right now and skilled workers are hard to come by, so manufacturers are having to work hard to get and retain good workers. To get workers, some manufacturers in Nebraska are offering bonuses and will pay for the cost of relocation to attract good employees. They are also posting the job offers outside the region to attract outside talent. These perks are attracting workers from far away, but the industry is facing difficulties anyway.

Key Takeaways:

  • A competitive labor pool and a growing reluctance by many Americans to move across the country have made contributed to a labor shortage in many factories.
  • More companies are starting to explicitly offer moving costs in their vacancies to entice more applicants from out of the area.
  • Companies like New Way Trucks, Caterpillar, and others are offering prospective hires several thousand dollars each to pay for moving expenses.

“To entice workers to move, manufacturers are raising wages, offering signing bonuses and covering relocation costs, including for some hourly positions.”

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