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Manufacturing and Processing: Smart Moisture Measurement Technology Continually Optimizes Product and Process Quality | ManufacturingTomorrow

As savvy plugged-in consumers most of us know about Smart technology. It’s in our lives, monitoring our homes, organizing our tasks, adding music and entertainment to our day, rather like an entourage, or a behind the scenes staff. Smart technology has become a manufacturing staple as well. One area where Smart technology use fits the bill is in the area of moisture measurement control. While allowing users to pay less per month than most would to impress on a first date, A Smart system with moisture measuring capability can monitor moisture trends across a product line, sending the information to Smart phones around the clock. Besides sensor-received data accumulation, the system can analyze the data inputted. It can sense changes and monitor failures for fixes. Such constant moisture monitoring across product lines overtime is far from merely informational. It is used in an array of industries, including the pharmaceutical, chemical and beauty supply industries. These and many other sorts of manufacturers, homogenize, mix, vaporize, drip, dry and otherwise put their line through an array of moisture distinct activities. Changes can mean problems. The better the monitoring, the faster the intel, the better and quicker the solution.

Key Takeaways:

  • Smart technologies allow for instantaneous and constant analyzing, monitoring, and updating of product production.
  • The original method of testing from a lab and going back and forth is too costly and slow
  • Smart technologies is the way of the future and manufacturing companies should take advantage

“Ultimately, smart moisture measurement technology translates into superior process control, quality, and production without the inherent drawbacks of slower, labor-intensive lab or batch testing.”

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