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Manufacturing Event Features Revolutions in Automation

Artificial Intelligence is aimed towards getting complex tasks done with very little human oversight. Although these robots and engines makes work easier, programming the systems, if poorly done, can lead to huge damaging of equipment. The MT360 is focused on eliminating the burden of programming actions which the machines should perform. To achieve this, AI-integrated automation system that is competent enough to determine the best way to complete a given objective on its own is being introduced. Cognitive automation is the next giant step in redefining the norm, which is what MT360 is all about.

Key Takeaways:

  • The overall goal of AI has never been to replace humans, rather to accomplish complicated multi-part tasks with a minimum of oversight.
  • Existing automation systems, which include bar feeders, pallet changers and robots, must be programmed by a human.
  • Since automation is only as successful as its inputted programming, a poorly defined command can easily lead to scrapped parts and damaged equipment.

“The next step in automation is to eliminate the burden of programming actions the machines must perform, replacing this practice with an AI-integrated automation system capable of deciding how to best complete a defined objective on its own.”

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