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Manufacturing facilities take precautions to protect their essential workers – WAAY

In Alabama during the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses like manufacturing facilities have been deemed essential, meaning they are to stay open to operate as usual. Throughout the state, these facilities have taken extra precautionary measures to ensure the safety of their workers. Some businesses are introducing staggered shifts, practicing social distancing requirements, and even checking the temperatures of workers as they enter the facility. Although it appears that the pandemic is on the decline, these businesses should continue to enforce these policies in order to protect the health of their employees.

Key Takeaways:

  • Among the list of essential businesses in Alabama are manufacturing facilities, as they are allowed to stay open during this pandemic.
  • Many facilities are implementing policies to protect the health of their workers, including precautions like social distancing and staggered work shifts.
  • Even after the pandemic, it’s important that facilities keep these policies in place to protect their worker’s health and well-being.

“Other manufacturers are also taking extra measures to keep employees safe. Like Brown Precision, Tyson Foods, which has a processing plant in Albertville, said in a statement that they are checking worker temperatures as employees arrive at their facilities around the country.”

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