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Marketing Ideas for Manufacturing: 7 Ad Tactics You Might Not Have Considered – CNCCookbook: Be A Better CNC’er

There are quite a few different ad tactics that most marketers don’t think about. Social media marketing is becoming more and more popular and allows for better engagement. Youtube is another great platform to advertise on because of the number of users that use the platform each day. You also can use paid searches to boost your rankings in search engines. This will allow your website to be linked in the sponsored ads part of the search engine. These tactics can help your businesses performance over time.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to Tatsuya Nakagawa, COO of Castagra, social media marketing is most effective when you engage with critical decision makers.
  • Google Gmail Display Advertising is a little-known and economical way to engage with your competitors’ customers.
  • Referral marketing gives your customers meaningful incentives to recommend your product or service.

“With so many advertising avenues available these days, it’s easy to stick with tactics you know.”

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