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Metal Fabrication Shop Utilizes Efficient Production Method | ManufacturingTomorrow

There is a metal fabrication shop that is using a efficient production method. Most businesses in this industry have a bunch of issues including staying competitively priced and being able to keep up to date with education. One issue that comes with metal fabrication is that it typically is inefficient production wise. A client may need a prototype created quickly but then a fabrication job will have to be put on hold. This issue then leads to scheduling issues and has a trickle down effect.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rapid prototype shops deal with some issues and one of them is the inefficiency that comes with their production.
  • Irritation levels tend to get raised when machine operators are forced to interrupt long run productivity.
  • A rapid response cell is a way to designate equipment and operators for short running jobs and prototype work.

“When a client needs a prototype created quickly, longer-running fabrication jobs most likely will have to be be put on hold to make room for a rapid prototype manufacturing job.”

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