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Metal fabricators: Embrace the power of going wireless

There are many objects that can catch cords in the workshop. Using cordless and wireless tools and electronics is not only convenient, but also increases personal safety and reduces chance of injury. Manufacturers are increasing the power of electric and cordless tools, making them more viable in the workplace. Even specialized tools like pedals and grinders have progressed in design. Many innovations have recently been made to headphone and ear buds. Some of the new wireless earbuds are OSHA-approved with a long life and sturdy design.

Key Takeaways:

  • Anyone who has ever tripped over one, yanked on one, or hurt themselves because of one, know cords are no fun.
  • Having and using a wireless foot pedal can take away frustrations like tangling, tripping, and just general getting in the way.
  • The progression of technology has allowed for devices with better batteries and stronger outputs from power tools to earphones.

“I even convinced the defense prototype shop I work at to use them. In a shop with multiple welding machines, the pedal/receivers have enough unique frequencies to operate without interfering with each other.”

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