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Metal fabricators: Share your success, for the sake of manufacturing

New generations of students entering engineering programs often lack hand-on experience and skills. They are usually familiar with basic engineering concepts, but growing up in the age of video games means that they haven’t used the tools often as kids. Metal fabricators have a responsibility to share their knowledge and the attractive side of their work, instead of treating their trade as a secret. Operational improvements, technological advancements and efficiencies are all stories that fabricators should share in order to increase the interest for these technical careers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Metal fabricators tend to love the industry but don’t typically like to talk about it with others.
  • The industry of metal fabricators is now opening up employment to software engineers and technology specialists as needs evolve.
  • Many of the great companies in this industry might not feel like a big name worth bragging about but a lot of good work is being done including helping production of ventilators recently.

“While some students enter with some hands-on skills, developed while working on a lawn mower engine or woodworking, others are strangers to power tools, drill presses, and welding torches.”

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