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Micromachining: No More Constraints | Fabricating and Metalworking

Micromachining is like machining, but on a very small level. Lasers have been used to do this, but there are some challenges that arise when you use lasers. There are now various types of tubes and mills to help overcome those challenges. Raydiance has created various drills, tubes, and mills to help reduce the overhead cost. Another great thing about this is that it also reduced the amount of time to prototype stuff. Things like engine fuel injectors are things that use this technology.

Key Takeaways:

  • Micromachine challenges in the sectors of medical devices, micromachining and automotive, have a new contender in the shape of a California company.
  • The company, located in Petaluma, is called Raydiance Inc. The company specializes in all laser-based industry solutions.
  • The company’s signature line includes the R-drill, the R-Tube, the R-mill, designed for better fuel efficiency performance and power.

“Running pulse management includes a start-and-forget active pulse tracker that ensures beam characteristics and process consistency.”

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