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More Steps in Motorcycle Evolution

New technological advances has helped us move motorcycles in a more technical direction. One of the first things needed was bigger brakes. They were getting faster and faster, but also needed to be more safer. With overhead valves being used in cars, it was only natural for it to come to motorcycles. It created a massive performance increase. Improvements to engine airflow was an issue during the early days, but now it is becoming a reality.

Key Takeaways:

  • Moving on to different brake designs, it is found that bigger brakes are best for highest speeds.
  • OHV or Overhead Valves are one of the parts on the engine that have a great performance increase.
  • When using better and improved gasoline, it was found that the additives reduced and suppressed knocking.

“The mechanism for operating intake and exhaust valves evolved rapidly as the IC engine left the category of novelty and demonstrated its usefulness.”

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