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Most Common CNC Machines — urdesignmag

CNC is short for Computer numeric control. A CNC machine is used to take a two- dimensional drawing, and turn it into a three-dimensional object. These two-dimensional drawings are known as CAD models. A CAD model is a computer model that repreents a design, and tells the CNC machine what to do. These machines usually focus on the geometric shapes, rather than other attributes. CNC machines have many uses, such as architecture, but primarily, they are used to cut metal.

Key Takeaways:

  • CNC machines are used in many industries, primarily for cutting metal.
  • CNC lathes create cylindrical parts, while CNC milling machines remove pieces from materials.
  • CNC routers, plasma cutters and EDMs (electronic discharge machines) are also commonly used.

“CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. CNC machines are used to create 3-dimensional objects from a 2-dimensional drawing or CAD model. The machine is controlled by G code, which is a set of instructions that tell the machine how to move and what speed it should go at.”

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