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NADCAP-Certified Job Shop Sets a Course for Automation |

Many machine shops are struggling to fill positions with qualified workers. Even those shops that are willing and enable to invest in training of employees, struggle with keep up with pace of technological advancements. Globe Grinding, a New York state shop specializing in grinding, faces the same issues. One of the solutions is investment in automated equipment that is easily programmable with current workforce. This strategy enabled the company to grow over 15% in the last year alone, with its current workforce.

Key Takeaways:

  • Globe Grinding Inc. specializes in cylindrical and centerless grinding. The shop does some work for the automotive and motorcycle manufacturing sectors, but primarily serves medical and aerospace.
  • Despite its growth, Globe Grinding hasn’t hired many new employees, particularly experienced operators who can handle the most challenging work.
  • Instead, the company works with suppliers and equipment OEMs to maximize machining capacity and lay the groundwork for automation.

“The S33s tout a 0.000016-inch (0.0004 mm) standard roundness accuracy during live grinding and easily handle individual and batch production of medium-size workpieces. Globe Grinding purchased models with a distance between centers of 39.4 inches (1,000 mm) and center height of 6.9 inches (175 mm). With C axes, the machines can form and thread grind as well for the greatest level of process versatility.”

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