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New Year’s resolution in metalforming: Dream, visualize, and execute

Visualization is a powerful tool. In the article which was really disjointed in my opinion it discussed how many successful people use visualization to improve outcomes. It was noted that the mind is powerful tool. Further in the discussion Oprah was mentioned for popularizing vision boards to help people focus and see what they can achieve. The next part of the article focused on how businesses could use visualization to improve productivity and workflow. Overall the author seemed to try to convey that if you can see a result prior to performing, whether that be in your mind or a concrete depiction, the outcome and drive towards the outcome will be greater.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can use a vision board in order to brainstorm some ideas and even collect them from your employees as well.
  • Make sure that you explain all the details to your employees so they can form new material.
  • Try to visualize the actual outcome and the requirements of the idea once it’s accepted.

“Your mind is an incredibly powerful tool. Using your mind to visualize and accomplish your activities can, and will, improve your results in operations, business, and troubleshooting.”

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