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Non-Traditional Methods For Making Small Holes

Technology is getting smaller and smaller and we are still trying to make the holes smaller for them to use. There are some new ways that we are using for this rather than our traditional methods. We started using lasers to drill small holes. They use UV light. Another method we started using is EDM drilling which uses a sinker or ram type EDM with some small modifications to get the small hold drilled in.

Key Takeaways:

  • Laser microdrilling uses UV light to make very small holes in metal.
  • EB, known as electron beam drilling uses electrons in a pulse to create holes
  • EDM microdrilling uses a ram type EDM machine with modifications to create holes.

“Not too long ago, a hole the size of a human hair (about 0.003 inch in diameter) was about the smallest hole that could be made using conventional machine tools on a production basis.”

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