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Now that’s an animal – what a CNC machining demonstration

Technology pushes the boundaries of many industry sectors, and machining and fabrication shops are not standing on the sidelines. Professionals and business owners know that numerically controlled workstations are capable of doing jobs that are getting to be increasingly complex. German company has just demonstrated how complex the manufactured part can be, by creating an animal representing the local team as a mascot. The parallels between the game of hockey and complex machining are evident as speed is not the only important thing, because the technique counts for a lot too.

Key Takeaways:

  • HAIMER USA is a company that provides materials, management systems and tooling options in the manufacturing sector. The company actively supports the DEL Augsberger Panther ice hockey team.
  • Recently, in the fall of 2021, the company demonstrated the range of its tools and tool holders by machining a beautiful model of a panther for the team.
  • Specific parts of the panther model were especially challenging to create. These included the shape of the animal’s mouth, including its long and very complex canines.

“In search of “teammates” to carry out the panther project, the HAIMER company turned to the CAD / CAM editor OPEN MIND from Wessling, who has been its partner for several years.”

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