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Omnibot Shows Off Over A Decade Of CNC Prowess

Initially, Omnibot doesn’t look like anything more than any other robotic 3D printer. Building an Omnibot has many steps. The first is taking the time with a CAD program to design it. The design includes four wheel steering, and other fancy mechanisms, such as the unit being able to spin in place. The next step is cutting forms, rather than cutting individual components. This is done with a CNC router. Most often, these forms are made with silicone molds.

Key Takeaways:

  • The design for Omnibot v3 requires a lot of work in a CAD program.
  • The designer cut forms instead of using routing for the individual components.
  • Michal, the designer of Omnibot v3, produced a video about the design and build process.

“Those silicon molds where then used to pour the actual parts with polyurethane resin.”

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