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Optimize Minimum Quantity Lubrication Control Through a CNC Program

Minimum Quantity Lubrication is a nice methodology that is more effective than it might sound. MQL is about being able to lubricate the machine parts without having to apply much solution. This makes for cleaner workshops and more control over the machining process. It has been in use in Europe and now American shops are starting to adapt this process to compete on the highest level. The good oils are great for the environment and it typically saves money because of how much less oil is applied.

Key Takeaways:

  • Having as much control as possible over machining processes is what most machinists strive for.
  • MQL delivers a very small amount of lubricant to a cutter’s edge in the form of an oil mist or aerosol, as opposed to traditional techniques.
  • Using a high quality lubricant for MQL is critical to adhere to the surface of the tool.

“The company’s Quantum digitally controlled lubricator is designed to optimize MQL flow rates for each machining operation on a single machine tool because flow rates are visible and editable. Therefore, operators can fine-tune each operation for the best results.”

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