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Practical Approaches to Automating Five-Axis Machines

Success in automating five-axis machining is in large part a factor of the machine tool itself, because the machine tool’s features maintain accuracy and repeatability throughout a long unattended run Machine brings key technologies for product connectivity and edge control on premises, using cloud technologies to provide analytics and digital services. Another major concern for a shop looking to automate its five-axis machines is the materials the machine will be cutting. Materials have a major impact on cutting tools, which in turn have a major impact on any unattended machining plan.

Key Takeaways:

  • With automation and management solutions from Red Hat you’ll spend less time solving the same old problems and get more time for new projects and strategies.
  • Given how much of a part’s machining they can perform in a single setup, five-axis machining centers are natural choices for automated, unattended cells and systems.
  • Machine accommodates multiple infeed and outfeed options for a range of part and capacity requirements.

“Before investing in automation, however, shop owners and managers should thoroughly consider their options.”

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