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Promoted content: Design for Assembly is key for industrialisation | The Engineer

The importance of the design for manufacturing is well understood and no longer questioned, but the design for assembly is often not given due priority. Yet, it is exactly this aspect of the design that is critical in implementation of manufacturing improvements in general, and automated equipment and processes specifically. This is especially important in process and parts that have a high degree of complexity and are used in critical and high-performance applications. These considerations are also important in management’s ability to control costs and correctly forecast future capital expenditure needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • During Industrialising Innovation Week, it’s important to examine what’s when transitioning innovative products from concept, through development, and then into production.
  • Throughout the industrialisation process, it’s critical to optimize investment and control the ongoing costs.
  • A controlled DFA process will assist in delivering manufacturing success.

“While following the industrialisation process, to ensure optimised investment and to retain control of ongoing costs, it is vital to consider the future assembly requirements that will be essential when the product reaches the production environment. For complex products, this consideration will be given through a robust Design for Assembly (DFA) process.”

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