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Promoted content: The Intolerance of Tolerance in Manufacturing Design and CNC Machining | The Engineer

For machinability of the parts, tolerance may be the single most important factor to consider. Tolerance is necessary in order for the individual parts to form an assembly, and it ensures repeatability of the parts quality. However, there is a compromise that designers need to consider when deciding on the actual tolerance ranges, because tight tolerances drive up the cost of machining and may render some designs almost impossible to practically produce. Designer’s task is to find the balance between the two, without sacrificing the functionality.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tolerance is an extremely important factor in manufacturing. For one thing, without tolerance there would be no uniformity of dimensions across manufacturers.
  • Mimus the important aspect of tolerance, manufactured parts would fail to fit together properly.
  • Tolerance is so completely key that without tolerance entire buildings would fail to function.

“Everyone knows that tolerance is ultimately one of the most critical factors in the journey from the drawing board to the finished product.”

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