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Quick-Change Tooling Improves Swiss Lathe Profits

Swiss turning machines are highly capable and versatile pieces of equipment desirable in any machine shop. The biggest detriments to their efficiency are setup times, as well as changes of tools between operations. This, obviously, translates into lost time and added cost to the machining process. Additionally, the access to tooling is not always convenient. The solution is in modular Swiss lathes, with blocks that can be bolted to each other and customized based on the process that is taking place.

Key Takeaways:

  • Swiss-type lathes make money thanks to the fast production of high-quality parts in large volumes, and any human intervention in that process is bound to cost time.
  • Horn partnered with W&F Werkzeugtechnik to provide a faster way of changing out Swiss-type tooling, the W&F Linear Unit with Integrated Coolant Management System.
  • Quick-change tooling heads enable swiss-type machines to quickly change out tooling with repeatability within 2 microns. This combines with the linear unit to drastically reduce time lost.

“Moreover, the tight work envelope often means that tooling is not easily accessible, which can add additional time to tool changes.”

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