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Rethinking what plasma cutting can do for metal fabricators

Technology keeps moving forward by leaps and bounds. Improvements aid industries across the globe every day. This is no less true for the metal fabrication industry. One specific area of the metal fabrication industry that has seen benefit due to technological enhancements is the area of plasma-cutting, specifically. Thick metal production, in particular, has incurred a lot of improvements, due specifically to enhancements in the field of plasma-cutting. For example, fabricators can cut their materials at higher amperage. Fabricators are also empowered to improve the bevel angle to obtain a better cutting edge result. Plasma-cutters maintain a squarer edge. This leads to faster cutting and more cylindrical holes. With more amps and much better speed plasma-cutting machines can become the first choice for most thick cutting in fabrication shops.

Key Takeaways:

  • Updates in plasma-cutting technology have made it possible for those in the metal fabrication industry to plasma- cut their materials at a higher amperage.
  • Faster cutting speed and more accurate, cylindrical holes are also a possibility due to improvements in plasma-cutting technology.
  • These last two plusses to metal fabrication proficiency and accuracy have come about due to the fact that changes in the plasma-cutting industry now allow the bevel to in cutting to be minimized.

“Even with those advancements, plasma cutting technology manufacturers continue to put money into research and development.”

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