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Save Time and Money with Inflatable Purging System

Investing in a reliable purging pipeline can be not only surprisingly expensive, but also very time-consuming. A Florida-based company called Huntingdon Fusion Techniques has come out with a product called PurgElite, which is a collection of affordable purging systems made out of various piping and tubing that achieves a clean weld in a short period of time. There is a durable seal that is created on the opposite side of the weld when using PurgElite for an added layer of resilience.

Key Takeaways:

  • For professional welders, the goal is to achieve a clean, oxide-free weld that produces zero color.
  • The PurgElite inflatable Tube and Weld purging system, developed by Argweld, is made to accomplish just that.
  • PurgElite pipe and tube purging systems are low cost and made to fit diameters that range from 1 to 24 inches.

“When the gas flow starts, the dams inflate to seal inside the pipe, and argon then automatically purges the interspace.”

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