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Sewing the Seeds of Woodworking, Part 2: How to Create Fast and Efficient Multiples. | Popular Woodworking Magazine

Making butter knives out of wood is a very rewarding project. One of the challenges that a woodworker faces with this task is making the exact copies on consistent basis. Needless to say, the general goals of avoiding the scrap and utilizing as much wood as possible still stand. While working on this project, I created a layout which nested my knives in a compact manner. The knives were stacked so that the blade of each knives is settled between the handles of the adjacent ones.

Key Takeaways:

  • While thinking about ways to manufacture the butter knives fast and efficiently, and also to maximize the use of wood and avoid waste as much as possible, I came up with a new layout configuration.
  • The lower back corner of the handle can be made to have an identical arc as the lower front part of the blade.
  • Place the two-knife stack flat on the bandsaw table and finish cutting the remaining curvatures that distinguish between the blade and handle.

“To exploit the potential of this method even further, I decided to drill a wide hole in the mahogany blank and rely on its perfect circular geometry in the design.”

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