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Shaker-Inspired Sewing Counter | Popular Woodworking Magazine

When it comes to choosing stock, you want one that can book match your tops. With the legs you want to pull out a knot free stock from the edges of the board where the end grain is diagonal. This ensures that the straight grain will go all the way down on the leg. When it comes to joining the legs you will need to use mortises and grooves. Finally, when you attach the rails you will need a handsaw or a shoulder plane.

Key Takeaways:

  • This Shaker-inspired sewing counter is made from cherry and fir and maple for the drawers.
  • For a gap-free panel, I use a spring joint and use clamping pressure and glue to close the slim gap in the middle.
  • The panel for the top needs to be smoothed flat and finished with shellac and furniture wax.

“Most of the time, it’s too loud, dusty, and distressing for me to justify setting up and using a machine across the shop when there’s a beautiful handsaw right there.”

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