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Shaker Sewing Counter Online Extras | Popular Woodworking Magazine

You’ll save yourself trouble if, before the glue-up of this Shaker-style Sewing cabinet, you pre-finish your pieces. It further helps to break the glue-up into parts. On Day 1, do the sides and drawer webbing, and prepare the back panel. On Day 2, enlist a friend to help you fit the joinery together. Glue and place the rail mortises for the front leg and insert the back side. Note the back mortises (like the panels) shouldn’t be glued. Insert the last drawer webbing and add glue before placing the second side. With a rubber mallet, hammer the top rail into the dovetail. Attach the top to the case with screws and end by attaching knobs to the drawers and inserting the drawers.

Key Takeaways:

  • You don’t want to clean glue out of hard to reach corners, so make sure to pre finish your pieces before you glue them.
  • Break the glue up into different parts such as the sides on one day, the webbing on one day and then prepare the back panel.
  • The last steps are simply to rub join the drawer and workshelf guides with some hide glue, attach the knobs and then insert the shelves and drawers into place.

“I recommend enlisting a friend or partner for help, bribe them if you have to! At the guild there are plenty of people around to help with glue-ups, another wonderful perk of working in a shared shop.”

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