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Shifting from On-Machine to Offline Programming

Until recently, yhe Ohio-based job shop B.I.C. often would not even bother to quote complex parts, not because they were incapable of doing so, but because they had a below average turnaround time for programming since it was done by hand. To combat the problem, they began accepting simpler jobs and they suddenly saw their business skyrocket. They were able to hire more employees and even moved into a bigger building. Workers were also told to trust CAM and trust the software.

Key Takeaways:

  • B.I.C. has had the ability to create complex parts but having to put the code in manually was something they didn’t have time for.
  • The shop hired Preston Griffin to fulfill the empty programming role and they have been able to do offline programming for two years.
  • Autodesk’s HSMWorks has allowed them to pick up on missed opportunities they were passing up on.

“Until about five years ago, every part the Blanchester, Ohio, job shop produced was created in AutoCAD and then hand-programmed at the machine, line-by-line using G code.”

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