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Significant events and trends in manufacturing for this year and beyond – Cutting Tool Engineering

Eric Tope is a vice-president of marketing and sales at a major tool manufacturing business, Allied Machine and Engineering Corp out of Dover Ohio. His position allows him to see the future of the industry for the coming year. He sees that lean processes will continue to play a greater role in the industry in the coming year. He sees things like increases efficiency and reduction of waste as key to growing a business in the manufacturing industry. Predictive machining tools like CAM and a host of other digital applications play a large role in this waste reduction and efficiency. Automation and simplification of tasks will also be paramount to deliver increased productivity and sales to an eager client base.

Key Takeaways:

  • Predictive machining technologies, including simulation through digital twinning, will play a major role in making manufacturing more efficient.
  • The increased importance of simulations will mean a greater customer interest in accurate, accessible, software-compatible tooling data.
  • CAM software has formed the foundation of a broad set of novel digital manufacturing practices.

“That means the machining industry will be challenged to reduce waste proactively, before production even starts.”

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