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Signmaking Simplified

You won’t have to be an expert with woodworking to get this to work for you. The woodworking template allows you to be able to make wooden signs with ease, as long as you follow along with the directions that go along with it. Be sure to make a few test cuts so that you can familiarize yourself with how the router and template will work together. You will need to work as a guide to get it to make the cuts but it’s much simpler this way.

Key Takeaways:

  • The typical sign-making kit arrives with its own user-friendly template for the required words and letters.
  • As one specific example, Milescraft SignPro Kit makes an easy to use all in one kit for an affordable eighty dollars.
  • Generally, the kit contains a pair of round-nose router bits. However, it’s perfectly fine to use any available bits that fit within the enclosed guide brushings.

“Before you begin routing a prized piece of wood, familiarize yourself with the router and the kit, and how they work together.”

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