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Simple CNC Vacuum Table

Tucker B has shared a tutorial on how to construct a simplistic vacuum table. This vacuum table is meant to fit the Rascal CNC with quarter-inch foam that is cut into a piece with 20×30 dimensions. Since this vacuum table is made from foam, those who utilize it will be able to have their bit cut directly into it without any damage due to the flexibility of the material itself. Those who employ this method will also need some lumbar, a hose bracket, a drill, bits, and screws.

Key Takeaways:

  • These instructions can be modified to fit CNC machines of various sizes and shapes.
  • Supplies include foam insulation, PVC, pine board, scrap plywood, Gorilla glue, and wood screws.
  • After sizing and cutting, add a bracket and the tube, using Gorilla glue if needed.

“I made this vacuum table to fit the Rascal CNC and specifically to cut 1/4in foam or cardboard that is about 20 by 30in”

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