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Simple CNC Vacuum Table

I made a vacuum table to fit my Rascal CNC and to cut 1/4″ foam or cardboard. However, it can be adapted for other CNCs and materials. The task begins with sizing and fastening, then cutting top grooves and bottom air channels. Assembly includes screwing the wood frame together and using Gorilla glue to connect the edges of the foam to the frame. Also, a bracket must be cut to hold the tube. To use the table, lay the material on, block unused quadrants, and turn on the vacuum. Based on advice from commenters, I added a valve to adjust airflow. Note that this project is completely open source.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although this vacuum table was made to cut 1/4″ foam or cardboard, it can be used for other materials as well.
  • The first steps include sizing and cutting top grooves and bottom air channels.
  • When using, block unused quadrants with foam or wood cut to size before turning on the vacuum.

“Because CNC machines come in all shapes and sizes, the size and shape of vacuum tables will vary greatly so I will try to make it as versatile as possible.”

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